How to Detangle Matted Dog Hair

Dogs are adorable creatures, especially the long-haired ones. However, the luxury of petting a long-haired dog comes with its own set of challenges. Being a dog owner myself, I know the troubles you have to go through due to a matted long-haired golden retriever. 

I love the soft and silky hair of my dog, but they get tangled almost every week. Therefore, I used to send my dog for hair treatment for quite some time. Then one day, I figured out the matted dog hair remedy and have been detangling my dog’s hair myself ever since. Therefore, I will share my personal method of How to detangle matted dog hair painlessly?

Tip: It is beneficial to detangle the dog’s hair yourself. Not only does it save you a few bucks but also the bond between you two.

Causes of Matted Hair in Dogs:

Before starting out with the home remedies for matted dog hair, it would be best to know what matted hair is to prevent future occurrences. Matted hair is basically tangled dog hair that becomes stiff as a mat and prevents hair movement. 

Hair mats are typically formed at the body parts where hair abrasion takes place. For instance, it is very common for a dog to develop hair mats in the armpits, behind ears, or the joint between legs. Furthermore, negligence of dog maintenance such as lack of grooming your dog’s hair 

Steps to Detangle Matted Dog Hair:

Even the easiest way to get mats out of dog hair takes a lot of patience and effort. Therefore, it would be best to perform the process on weekends when you are free.

Moreover, you need to be well prepared, so assemble all the tools and products that you need before starting the procedure. 

Tools for Preventing Matted Dog Hair:

Tools for Preventing Matted Dog Hair
Tools for Preventing Matted Dog Hair

In order to use the best way to get mats out of dog fur, you need adequate equipment. Therefore, I will make a list of all the things you need and make some suggestions. However, you are not limited, and you can use any brand that is easily available near you. 

The de-matting brush helps you clear the upper layer of the dog fur. It also reveals any tangled fur in the upper layer. Furthermore, the slicker brush helps you to reach the lower fur layers and tackle any tangling below at skin level. 

Moreover, the detangler spray moisturizes the dog’s hair and makes it easier to comb and enjoyable for the dog. Finally, the shampoo bath cleanses any remaining matted hair and also makes the hair soft and silky.

Before you Begin:

The first step is to evaluate the hair damage. It is done by locating all the tangled hair in both the upper as well as lower layers of the dog fur.

  • First of all, put some detangler spray on the portion you need to brush. It would be best to spray-brush-repeat till you cover all the parts.
  • Take the best dog brush for short hair and start brushing a smaller area at a time. Make sure to use firm hands for the matted dog hair behind the ears.
  • Now take the slicker brush with metal hair for dog hair knots removal on the lower fur layers. Moreover, the slicker brush helps you loosen some of the severely matted dog hair.


Now that you know the location of the matted coat. The next step is to remove the knots from dog hair. You will need to use all the available equipment to help you get rid of those knots quickly.

  • First of all, apply the dog hair knots detanglers directly at the matted hair.
  • Use your fingers and try to detangle any portion possible without causing pain to the dog.
  • Next, take the slicker brush and brush away the more complicated knots while using the detangling spray.
  • If all fails, you can use dog hair clippers or a dog hair trimmer to cut the matted hair into more manageable chunks of hair.

It’s Bath Time:

It’s Bath Time
It’s Bath Time

Now that your dog is completely detangled, it’s time to reward him for being such a good boy. You should use his favorite shampoo to make the bath exciting for the dog. However, make sure that all the tangles are removed before wetting your dog because wet hair tends to make firm matted hair.

Now your dog is clean, fresh, and has the best soft and silky hair to play with. It would be best to follow this routine at least twice a month to prevent tangled dog hair in the future.

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Professional Advice on Detangling Dog Hair at Home:

Detangling matted dog hair is as difficult as it sounds. Therefore, it is best to get professional advice before getting started with the untangling process.

  • Visit a professional groomer regularly every six to eight weeks to stave off matted dog hair! 
  • NEVER try to cut out matted dog hair. The mats may have the skin caught up in them or be tighter than you think. You risk accidentally cutting the pet’s skin.
  • Always use a good conditioner. De-matting can cause major breakage even if done correctly.
  • Corn starch can help loosen matted dog hair. If you find a particular matt difficult to solve, it is best to rub some corn starch on it.
  • Once the dogs get used to that and realize they’re not going to get hurt, it’s very soothing. It’s very gentle and very thorough


Detangling is the most important part of a healthy dog routine. It allows your dog to get professionally groomed and have silky hair. However, professional detangling can be costly, especially for breeds like long-haired Doxen. Therefore, I hope that these home remedies for matted dog hair will help you quickly get rid of the matted hair.

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