How to Stop French Bulldog Shedding

French bulldogs or Frenchies are rated number 4th among the best dog breeds of 2021. Despite being really adorable, they come with some consequences. French bulldog shedding is one of the most common problems that dog parents face these days. If you are also upset and wondering, ‘why my French bulldog shedding so much?’ Then this article is written specifically for you.

Before we get started with what you can do to help the shedding of your dog, it would be best to know a few basics about dog shedding. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that French bulldog shedding is a natural process, and you can’t prevent it completely by any means. Now for the good news, you can control how much mess the dog makes by shedding hair. Moreover, if your puppy experiences unusual shedding, then there are a few ways that you can help him get better.

What are the Causes of French Bulldog Shedding?

Causes of French Bulldog Shedding
Causes of French Bulldog Shedding

The first question that comes to mind is, why do French bulldogs shed? The answer is both simple and complex. French dogs are naturally adaptive to their surroundings. They can adjust their body coat to tackle both hot and cold climates. However, there are many other reasons why all of a sudden, your Frenchie sheds so much hair. These factors include:


The most common and natural shedding phenomenon is caused due to changing weather conditions. As discussed earlier, French bulldogs are adaptive and can adjust their body coat according to their surroundings. For instance, adult French bulldogs tend to shed twice every year; the shedding is even greater if he is still in the growing stage.

The first annual bulldog shedding begins with the arrival of the summer season. Besides the French bulldogs, German shepherd shedding due to changing weather is also a common natural process. The shedding occurs because your French puppy tends to lose some coat to prevent body overheating due to the rising temperature. During this phase, you will notice that the doggy starts shedding a thick coat starting in May or June. However, in some regions, the shedding will start with the start of the spring season.

The second portion of shedding begins when the cold breeze of winter starts to blow. At this stage, your dog will lose some of the thinner layers of coats to make room for the thick hair on its body. This thick fur acts as a natural insulator and prevents your dog from feeling cold on its body. Moreover, the fur also prevents your French bulldog from catching a cold due to the low temperature.

If you notice that your French bulldog shed a lot more than natural, you should look for other signs such as infection, yeast, or even injuries. Moreover, it is a good idea to contact your concerned vet and update him regarding this situation.



Genes play a huge role in your dog’s personality and body conditions. Even if you own a purebred puppy, there is a chance that he received extensive shedding from either of the parents through genes. This phenomenon can even occur in some of the non-shedding dog breeds. In that case, there is not much that you can do to prevent the shedding. However, you should still contact the vet and ask if there is any way to help your dog either through medication or nutrition.


How much do French bulldogs shed depends upon the quality of food that you provide to them? If he has a diet plan rich in protein, omega-6, and vitamin C, he will shed far less hair. Moreover, the food consumption also depends if your dog is allergic to a specific type of food. If you think that malnutrition is the reason your dog sheds a lot, you should contact the vet. He will prescribe the use of vitamin c for dogs and some other supplements.



Dog skin is even more sensitive to allergens than humans. They can develop allergic reactions from almost anything. For instance, dogs suffer from dust allergies, food allergies, yeast allergies, starch allergies, and even allergic to some dog foods. The most common symptom of an allergic reaction on a dog is inflamed skin, itchiness, and even shedding of hair. Though dogs can self-cure such conditions, the reaction may appear again if exposed to the same allergen again. Therefore, if you notice any inflammation besides shedding, chances are that your dog is suffering from an allergy. 

In this case, it is best to contact your concerned vet and inform him about the condition. He will then conduct a number of tests to confirm the allergy and point out which foods or surroundings to keep your dog away. Moreover, treating allergies in time will also stop further shedding of hair within a few days.


The next most common natural reason for French bulldog shedding is age. However, the shedding due to age is far less in the Frenchies even than in some of the large non-shedding dogs. Dogs shed hair throughout their lifespan. The amount of shedding depends on the size, age, and breed of the dog. For instance, French bulldogs are smaller than some of the best non-shedding dogs; hence they have less hair to lose even as an adult.

Secondly, puppies start shedding within a few months (4 to 6 months). It is because they are losing the soft puppy hair and starting to grow the thick coats of adult dog hair. Overall, French bulldogs shed lesser hair than most other breeds of dogs at any age.

What Affects French Bulldog Shedding?

Affects French Bulldog Shedding
Affects French Bulldog Shedding

Dog shedding hair is a natural process that more or less every dog has to go through. Some dogs shed more than others, but overall, every dog sheds hair even if he is hypoallergenic. There are many factors that affect the amount of shedding, but the most common are changing weather conditions and age.

In summer, the French bulldog starts losing the thick layers of body coat and grows the soft, thin hair. This keeps the dog from overheating due to the intense heat of the summer. Similarly, the dog sheds the soft, thin coat in the winter to grow the thick, insulating body coat. This coat acts as fur and insulates the body to prevent from getting a cold.

Finally, the age of the dog is also responsible for the shedding process. French bulldogs puppies start shedding soft hair within 4 to 6 months. This makes room for the thick, strong adult dog body coat and makes them tolerable to the harsh environment.

Remedies to Prevent French Bulldog Shedding:

Although shedding is a natural process, there are some home remedies that you can do to help your dog with the process. Not only do these remedies help him get over the shedding phase faster, but some bulldog shedding solutions can also cure the shedding completely. 

Proper Food:

Proper Food
Proper Food

First things first, is your dog getting the necessary nutrition regularly? It is best to let a professional develop a diet chart for your dog. You can’t just stick to one kind of food for the whole life of your bulldog. It is because some foods are rich in proteins while others supply vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, and omegas. Your beloved pooch needs a specific amount of all of them to help regulate his immunity system.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C, omega-6, and fatty acids help the dog grow stronger hair. It means that your doggy will not have much loose hair on his body, and thus the shedding will stop over time. Furthermore, these supplements can also help your doggy develop shiny skin and a thick coat. Therefore, before trying any medication, make sure that the dog’s diet contains a sufficient amount of all these vitamins.


Bathing helps in detangling matted dog hair and also shed some loose hair that is bound to fall on their own. Moreover, regular bathing eases the French bulldogs shed quickly and appropriately. Bathing also removes potential infections, mites, and fleas from the dog’s hair, thus keeping him safe from other health conditions. However, when bathing your dog, make sure that you are using dandruff shampoo for dogs that your dog is not allergic to. Lastly, brushing during the bath also helps to deal with the shedding more efficiently.



The final and most effective method to aid the dog’s shedding is to groom him regularly. Grooming includes bathing, brushing, trimming, and detangling matted hair. However, if you are not regular with the grooming, you could face greater shedding than normal.


Water makes up 90% of the dog’s body. Many people don’t realize the importance of water in their dog’s daily diet. This leads to weaker skin and looser hair than normal. The daily water requirements of your dog depend on his age and weight. The rule of thumb is that your dog needs one ounce of water per pound of his weight. For example, if your French bulldog weighs 25 pounds, he needs 25 ounces of water on a daily basis.

How to Groom a French Bulldog?

Your dog needs adequate grooming every now and then. Therefore, you can hire a professional or groom him yourself using proper equipment. Grooming is a long process comprising many steps. Thus, you need several hours to completely groom your dog and eliminate any loose hair from his body.

  • Start with brushing your dog using a slicker brush with metal teeth. 
  • This helps get rid of any loose hair from the body and prevents them from sticking during the bath.
  • Bathe your dog with warm water. Use the best dog shampoo for shedding. This will help you loosen the matted knots and also make the hair strong. 
  • Brush your dog using the best dog brush for shedding. Moreover, you can use any comb or brush with metal pins to efficiently get rid of the shed hair.
  • After the bathing is complete, you should use a microfiber towel to dry him off.
  • Blow-dry the French bulldog; this helps to blow away the loose hair and makes your dog’s hair soft and shiny.
  • After bathing, the dog’s nails become soft and easy to trim. You can now use the best dog nail trimmer to trim away the long and painful nails from his paws without any pain.

How to Save your Home from Dog Hair?

Save Your Home from Dog Hairs
Save Your Home from Dog Hairs

Let’s face it, dogs shed hair almost everywhere they sit, walk or get in contact with. Moreover, some people find it uncomfortable to find dog hair on their furniture and in the car. Therefore, experts recommend that when your dog starts shedding, it is best to protect your furniture as pet hair can lead to allergies for humans. 

  • First, start by covering your sofa, chair, and beds with either plastic sheets or a breathable sofa/chair matt. 
  • This matt is universal, and you can place it on furniture to protect it from catching dog hair. Moreover, these mats are very easy to clean, and you can easily vacuum clean them.
  • Secondly, doctors advise never to sleep with a shedding dog. Therefore, buy a separate dog bed or set up a beautiful dog house for the Frenchie to sleep.
  • If it is winter season, you can buy a heated, insulated dog house to keep him warm.
  • Finally, if you travel with your Frenchie, it would be best to cover the car seat with a waterproof car seat cover.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I stop my french bbulldog from Shedding?

Frenchies shed twice every year. You can ease up the shedding by:

  • Regular grooming.
  • Brushing
  • Proper diet.
  • Shedding treatment
  • Curing the allergy
  • Dog supplements.

Why is my french bulldog shedding when bathing?

Dogs have numerous hair on their coat; some of these hairs become loose and get replaced over time. When you bathe the dog, these loose hairs are removed from the skin, and you think he is shedding.

French bulldog how to stop shedding?

French bulldogs naturally shed twice every year. Moreover, Frenchie puppies start shedding after 4 to 6 months. Therefore, you can’t stop the natural shedding. However, you can use some remedies to aid with the shedding process.


French bulldogs shed far less hair than other dog breeds. It is because they have strong hair and smaller bodies. However, even these dogs shed hair to adapt to their surroundings. This article includes everything that you need to know about French bulldog shedding.

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