What’s The Best Dog For Me Quiz

Ask Yourself… A Questionnaire:

Now for the exciting part, picking your breed! I wish I could be there to help you in person, but since I can’t, here’s the next best thing: the questionnaire I give to clients who hire me to help them select the right breed. Don’t worry—it’s fun!

Choosing a Breed: A Questionnaire:

Your name:   _____________________________________________________________

Number of adults in family: _________________________________________________

Number and ages of children (under age 18): _________________________________

Your daily schedule (hours at home): ________________________________________

Your leisure activities:



Will you include the dog in these activities?

▢ Yes     ▢ No

I have other pets.

▢ Yes     ▢ No

If yes, what kind?

______________________________  Age ___________

______________________________  Age ___________

I owned a dog before:

▢ Yes     ▢ No

I’ve had success training a dog:

▢ Yes     ▢ No

I live in a(n):

▢ Large house     ▢ Small house     ▢ Apartment

I have:

▢ A large yard     ▢ A small yard     ▢ No yard

Please enter one of the three following responses to the activities listed below.

Very little                    Moderate amounts of                    Extensive

I have time for a dog that needs _______________________ grooming.
I have time for a dog that needs _______________________ training.
I have time for a dog that needs _______________________ attention.
I have time for a dog that needs _______________________ exercise.

Please choose the appropriate response:

I’m getting a dog to be

▢ A family member     ▢ A watchdog     ▢ Used for work (type of work: _____________)

I’d like a dog who is _______________ of children.

▢ Very accepting     ▢ Tolerant, but aloof

I’d like a dog who needs _______________ affection.

▢ Very little     ▢ Moderate amounts of     ▢ Much

I’d like a dog who _______________

▢ Is naturally active     ▢ Enjoys quiet walks     ▢ Doesn’t need extensive exercise

I’d like a dog who is _______________

▢ Eager to please     ▢ Independent     ▢ Strong willed

I’d like a dog who is _______________ with guests.

▢ Enthusiastic     ▢ Calm     ▢ Reserved     ▢ On Guard     ▢ Indifferent

I’d like a dog who is _______________ strangers.

▢ Naturally protective around     ▢ Accepting of     ▢ Aloof toward

When we go on trips, the dog would be _______________

▢ Taken along     ▢ Kenneled     ▢ Left with friends or family

I’d prefer a dog who sheds _______________

▢ Very little     ▢ A couple of times per year     ▢ Shedding doesn’t matter

I’d like a dog whose coat is _______________

▢ Long     ▢ Short     ▢ Thick     ▢ Feathery     ▢ Curly     ▢ Wiry
▢ Any of the above

The Least You Need To Know:

  • Think about breed or mixed-breed personalities and what would suit you best.
  • Take a good hard look at yourself. What do you like to do for fun? Get a breed or mixed breed who can share your interests.
  • How much space and time do you have for your dog? Get a breed or mixed breed who can cope with your lifestyle.
  • What’s your lifestyle situation? If you have children or other pets, choose a happy-go-lucky breed that cohabitates well with others. It makes a big difference!

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